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Elect Barack Obama President of the United States! | Election 2008

Senator Obama is the best choice for President of the United States. Volunteer, register people to vote, monitor your polling places—pitch in and help take our country back! Thanks to the sobering economic crisis and the changes it will entail, now more than ever we need a President who understands the people on Main Street and well as Wall Street.

Our country deserves the best, so let’s get fired up and ready to go! Change is coming. . . .

Enjoy Fall, the Debates and the Election!

Summer 2008

As we head to the Democratic Convention in Denver, Senator Barack Obama is showing why he is the best choice for President of the United States. Senator John McCain, headed for the Republican convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul, is showing why he is not.

Please keep checking the Listener Forum for the latest posts and, please, write your own. More soon. Enjoy Summer where ever you are. And VOTE!

Spring 2008

Will We Ever?

Are those words about choice written with such hope a mockery now that the contest stretches into spring? Post on the Forum and let me know.

I go back and forth. I do not like to see Sen. Hillary Clinton slamming Sen. Barack Obama, but let's face it--Sen. John McCain, now bucking for a third term as a Bushite lite, and the right wing attack machine will hurl worse attacks.

Do not let anyone fool you that just because Clinton has won bigger states that that means Obama won't win in the general election. That is political nonsense. And do not believe that just because Obama is charismatic and aiming for change that he will automatically prevail.

Elections take work, commitment and determination.  Let's watch our candidates (and ourselves) and hope Clinton and Obama gang up more on Bush and McCain than try and torpedo each other.

We are looking for change and who is best to take charge.  I still like Obama and will go to our convention in Washington as a delegate. I can still be happy with either choice.  I want to hear you from you. What do you think?

And VOTE! Turnout has been amazing on the Democratic side, don't ever forget that. Keep HOPE ignited, our country's future depends on change!

February 2008

Inspired by the surprise Super Bowl win of the underdog New York Giants and a couple of near misses on the work front, I have decided to endorse Barack Obama, Senator of Illinois, this primary season.

I will post a longer endorsement soon and will continue to post about the elections on the Listener Forum and in newsletters to subscribers throughout the campaign.   

Hillary Clinton is an awesome candidate and I almost went for her.  Having supported John Kerry the last time, though, this time I am allowing my heart and spirit, and well as my head, to make the decision.

For the heart and soul reasons why I believe in Obama is the best choice, check out this video: http://www.dipdive.com/ sent to me by a Hillary supporter who describes herself as the "loyal opposition" which is exactly how I feel about the Senator from New York for now.
It is great to be alive in a year when Democrats are making history by our choices and that, whatever choice we make, the United States of America wins.  VOTE!

January 2008

Make a New Year’s Resolution to urge everyone you know in caucus, straw poll and primary states to vote! Time to take our country back. The Democratic Party offers great choices--The Republicans are less optimistic and less enthusiastic.

It's an historic year. Change is the common ground--as we look to better times ahead in the face of uncertainty.

Sound like a paradox? It is, but we are a hopeful people, so let's be optimistic and VOTE!

Please check out the Listener Forum. Change is afoot in 2008 for Pedro and me as well. I am about to graduate with honors and a certificate in Communication, Business and Media; and I went to Documentary Film Boot Camp. I now work for a film producer as well as on air, so much fun. Pedro is becoming quite the handsome young dog about town.

So please sign up for the mailing list and keep in touch!

Happy 2008!

December 2008

Ring in the New Year with Erin Hart as she fills in for Jay Marvin January 1, 2008 on AM760 Progressive Talk in Denver http://www.am760.net/main.html. Pacific time is 5 a to 9 a; Mountain is 6 a to 10 a.

Please sign up for the mailing list. Lots of news coming in 2008. Regular missives start soon, many will be posted on the Listener's Forum. Also, please post topics you'd like to see discussed.

Thanks to Brian aka 20Indy for his years of dedicated service to the site. And to Seth, who pitch hits whenever he can.

Happiest of Holidays to All, be it Chanukah, Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa or none of the above.

And a Merry, Merry Election Year.

November 2007

Feast on Talk with Erin Hart as she fills in for Jay Marvin Thanksgiving and Friday, Nov. 23rd on AM760 Progressive Talk in Denver (www.am760.net). Pacific time is 5 a to 9 a; Mountain is 6 a to 10 a.

Will a few hundred thousand in Iowa decide the nominees for the Democrats? Is Hillary regaining ground? Obama and Edwards are running neck and neck. And what does that mean to the rest of us?

The Republicans are in disarray--Rudy is dealing with Bernie-gate--look for Judith Regan to drop more bombshells--he may need more than 9-1-1, a verb and a noun in a sentence (thanks Joe Biden!) to save him. Mike Huckabee is funny, but he doesn't believe in evolution or other principles of scientific fact.

Has the war dropped in your priorities? Are the Dems fighting hard enough or are Congressional and Constitutional realities making it tough?

Or with housing drops and health insurance rises, is it again the "economy, stupid"? Where and what are your political priorities?

Immigration is a topic we cannot pass up at a Thanksgiving feast. Pause to be grateful while we are passing the gravy.

And one note--in this holiday madness of travel, family and fun; let's remember to keep track of our pets. A small terrier bolted from a woman's care in Seattle and played havoc with traffic and several of us who aimed to convince the pooch to come back to the car. (Even Pedro tried to help).

After several heart-stopping bolts through fast-moving cars, "Leah" was finally coaxed back to her human with treats. . .a sober reminder to us all to be aware of what really matters during the season. Our families, our friends, our pets. So BE mindful and ENJOY! Happy Thanksgiving!

October 2007

Baseball Fans: WOW! What a Colorado Rockies game! Wish I had seen the 13 inning extravaganza. I know primary politics calls, but heck, it's the post season and for the first time since Mom died I am excited about baseball, here is a quote from the New York Times Bats Blog (which is fun, check out their candidate one, too):

"In a moment that is destined to take a prominent place in the scrapbook of Denver sports for drama and controversy," Mark Kiszla writes for Denver Post this morning, "(Matt) Holliday scored the winning run with sleight of hand."

Personally, I believe he got a fingernail IN THERE.

And I am getting whole hands into new projects. Travels with Pedro Productions now has two projects in development--and we are very excited. Pedro shows most of his delight by prancing in the rain. More shortly. Check out new sound and a new post and enjoy our early chilly fall, here in the Pacific Northwest.

September 2007

Hey all,

Check out our new Listener Forum, where I will be posting a new topic each week--please add your own. This week's is: "Larry Craig--where to begin and . . .end". Another recent one is "Are you politically engaged yet? Or just flirting?"

The project is in beta mode and goes very well. We are looking for a quirky event to cover, a 501-C-3 umbrella, grant writing and more sponsors, please write erin@erinhartshow.com for more information.

For those who need a voice, face or speaker for an event, I have a new talent agent: James Jones at Premier Talent Northwest. They also have an office in Los Angeles. Here is the web address:
http://www.premiertalentnw.com. Here is my specific page.

Pedro and I are having late summer adventures. We hope you are, too, enjoy!

August 7, 2007


The project is in beta mode and going very well. I can reveal more as events progress. Check out our new message board, more stuff coming soon.

For those who need a voice, face or speaker for a project, I have a new talent agent: James Jones at Premier Talent Northwest. They also have an office in Los Angeles. Here is the web address: http://www.premiertalentnw.com.

Hope you are enjoying our cool respite--I LOVE August this way. Pedro is thriving and is gnawing on a bone at my feet as I write. More soon!

July 23, 2007
Filling In

Join Erin Hart as she fills in for Jay Marvin on AM760 Progressive Talk in Denver Tuesday, July 24th and Wednesday, July 25th from 5 a.m to 9 a.m. PDT and 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. MDT. Check out AM760 live in person or via www.am760.net, please.

Special guests on Tuesday include: Mark J. Rozell, a professor of public policy at George Mason University who has written extensively on executive-privilege issues. (Check out Friday's Washington Post article about Bush's record on executive privilege.) And we check in with Paul Waldman from Media Matters at 9:05 local 8:05 Seattle. www.mediamatters.org.

We will review the Democratic debate via You Tube and CNN; and talk about the administration's latest setback in usurping the rights of the defendants in Guantanamo. The Constitution LIVES even though Bush and Cheney are trying to strangle it to death.

Thanks for coming out to the event on July 10th--the taping went really well, as did much of location shooting. More about that aspect of the Erin Hart show coming up. Thanks to the crew: Daniel, Erick, Tom, Tara, Cory, Maggie. And to Victory Studios, the Jewel Box, 911 Media Arts and others to be named soon!

And Brian, the web master extraordinaire is adding a message board for all of us. Thanks, 19Indy! More soon, keep the faith. Pedro had a weird skin eruption--he is MUCH better now--jumping, rolling and playing just as a dog must in our summer time respite of rain!

May 23, 2007
Short and Sweet

Please join me as I fill in for Jay Marvin on AM760 Progressive Talk (www.am760.net) on Monday, May 28th, from 5 a.m. till 9 a.m. PT and 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. MT.

Kick off the Summer with searing discussion.

An immigration bill only Kafka would love, the Democrats pulling of the deadline, Bush's intransigence on the veto if a deadline for withdrawal present, and Monica Goodling's testimony about Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez and the broken Department of (In)Justice.

All that and Memorial Day thoughts about the troops and the nature of war.

Pedro is sharpening his soccer skills, the project proceeds apace and summer brings new joys in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

New Feature: A few years ago, I first saw the work of my friend Claudia Kunin, a photographer from Los Angeles. I knew she would produce work for coffee table books. She does and is now producing amazing fine arts photography in addition to her photojournalism. Here is a link to Luminous-Lint, a fine arts site where her work is being exhibited.

Thanks for listening.

May 15, 2007
Sounds of New Times on the Horizon

I can hear the sounds of a stampede away from G.W. Bush's Iraq War policy--the Republicans are backing away, the Democrats are moving on and the country is telling both sides: end this debacle and move back into the business of taking care of our country and our place in the world.

Will the candidates and politicians listen? I am not sure. But speaking of our country, I am feeling more optimistic about us than I have since the 2000 election. Two trends are true, I think: people want an end to illegal and illicit wars, AND they want an end to bitter partisan wrangling, to feel proud of our United States again. They want to SOLVE issues not fight in the depths of acrimony.

I know, I know. The war is ugly and brutal; gasoline prices are going up--yet--I sense a willingness out there to rise above the nonsense we often hear, to get on with the healing and rebuilding we need so much.

In the cacophony of insult, I hear a common sense desire to renew--the environment has become popular as a cause and moved from left to right; even GW was forced out onto the White House lawn to discuss fuel economy this week. (What a difference $4 a gallon gasoline makes.) The need for affordable health care is making all of us believers in reform. And an aging wave of boomers does not want to spend retirement on the precipice of bankruptcy. A new wave of those born into the 21st century do not want to stand chained to old hatreds and predatory loans.

Practically speaking, we have to get busy. So we have huge challenges ahead, but I am confident we can meet them. We have a lot of choices to make. And for the first time in a long time, we have options. What road do you want to take? How do you believe our country will be taken back? Are you hopeful? Do you hear the song of common sense under all the noise?

Please send your thoughts--I’d love to hear them. Welcome to the new deadline--these missives will now appear on Tuesdays. The project is going very well. Pedro is cozy after much running and jumping. We are optimistic. How are YOU? Please write erin@erinhartshow.com with your thoughts. Onward.

May 4, 2007
Republicans Out Loud, Not So Proud

Here is the take on the first major Republican debate: no hits, no runs and a few errors. Please add yours by writing to erin@erinhartshow.com.

As in the earlier Democratic debate, all three Republican frontrunners seemed to hold their ground, in the MSNBC debate at Presidential Ronald Reagan's Simi Valley center. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and AZ. Sen. John McCain aimed for the mantle of toughest guy and former MA. Gov. Mitt Romney seemed to be trying to charm his way past them.

All 10 Republicans fell over themselves to invoke the memory of their Republican master. Hardly anyone seemed to want to mention George W. Bush, who is very unpopular.

With one exception, they were muted in criticism of Bush's Iraq invasion, and saved their loudest saber rattling for Iran. If former Democratic Senator and Democratic candidate Mike Gravel had been on the podium with the 10 Republican candidates--he probably would have been afraid, very afraid.

Curiously, though Romney was the alleged favorite in the spin room, he rang most insincere, especially when invoking Reagan and trying to explain away his flip flop on reproductive rights for women.

Perhaps because he seemed so honest, Texas Rep. Ron Paul, Iraq war opponent, avowed libertarian and former Presidential candidate, leads the poll the morning after the debate in most categories, which may indicate that MSNBC viewers are pretty solid in opposition to the war in Iraq.

Though McCain won "most rehearsed answer", the other top contenders were also "winners" in that category. As you know, I don't support a particular Democrat in this race, and I cannot imagine supporting anyone on this stage.

Most of the candidates oppose a woman's right to make a very personal and private choice regarding her body. While Democrats can support big tent pro-lifers who allow for a woman's choice, such as Sen. Robert Casey of PA. and Gov. Bill Ritter, D-CO, it is doubtful hard core Republican supporters will back Giuliani who gave his weakest answers on choice. McCain made his toughest statement about Osama Bin Laden, but dismantled it with an ill-timed grin after his comment.

As Newsweek notes:

  Romney tried to reclaim ground he lost in recent comments on Osama bin Laden, when he insisted that it wasn’t worth moving 'heaven and earth' to search for just one man." (McCain last week blasted the remark as naive.)

"He’s going to pay, and he will die," Romney declared in the debate. McCain tried to top that, in perhaps the night’s stranger moments. "We’ll capture [bin Laden]. We will bring him to justice," McCain vowed, gesticulating forcefully and growing more intense by the second. "I will follow him to the gates of hell."

Evidently proud of his answer, he then undercut the power of the moment with a staged and awkward grin.

Other than Paul, most of the other lower tier candidates failed to carve their way out of the pack.

Only one of them, former WI Gov. Tommy Thompson, stood out for what I thought was the worst answer of the night. When asked about casualties in Iraq, he missed the number of U.S. Dead by close to 350 and the number of wounded by tens of thousands.

For the record: the number of U.S. Dead in Iraq as of May 4, 2007, is 3358 and the wounded is listed as 24,314 (www.icasualties.org/oif/). Shame on Thompson for not knowing the cost to our own, or others. For Iraqi casualty estimates, check www.iraqbodycount.net/database/.

The also-rans in the debate were CO. Rep. Tom Tancredo, KS. Sen. Sam Brownback, CA. Rep. Duncan Hunter, AR former Gov. Mike Huckabee and VA. Gov. Jim Gilmore.

Points to the person who spotted or finds the other two who raised their hands about not believing in evolution. I saw Tom Tancredo's hand go up but could not discern the other two.

Lurking in the wings but not in the race officially, actor and former TN. Sen. Fred Thompson and former GA. Rep. Newt Gingrich.

Tip of the Week: Watch for stories about Karl Rove's involvement in influencing Congressional testimony about the Justice Dept. Attorney firings (see Michael Isikoff's web exclusive in Newsweek).

Pedro, the wonder dog, is taking his morning nap after chasing tennis balls around the house. Our project is coming along. And kudos to anchor Steffan Tubbs of Colorado’s Morning News at 850 KOA in Denver. He will return baseball to the Rockies shortstop who made an unassisted triple play -- the 13th in history -- Troy Tulowitzki.

Play ball! And enjoy your week.

April 27, 2007
Hooray for Dems and Democracy; Tenet Blasts Cheney

The Senate sent the bill to begin the end of the war in Iraq to George Bush--who still vows to veto it--as the press labels this a useless exercise.

NO. It isn't. The back and forth is very much needed.

What is happening is DEMOCRACY, a rarity in these last six years. The Congress has the right to rein in the President and to remedy a failed policy and illicit war. They are listening more closely to the PEOPLE they represent.

This was pounded home over and over again on the MSNBC broadcast of the 90-minute debate between the eight Democrats in the race for President 2008. What a joy to hear substance, despite some sappy questions via Brian Williams. The people who wrote the local South Carolina anchor were good overall. The debate was held at South Carolina State College in Orangeburg.

Let me make clear, I am not supporting anyone formally at this point--here is a review of the proceeding. The top three did very well.

The front runners, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, did very well. Clinton was very much supportive of the Iraq vote and Obama was impressive on NATO and geo-politics. Both held their ground, though Obama needs work on delivery in a 60-second format and Clinton is still haunted by her support of the war effort. She seemed the most poised and on point.

Fellow top tier candidate, former Sen. John Edwards got the most inane question of the night (who CARES where he cuts his hair); he was serious and good in the format, as an experienced Presidential campaigner.

Joe Biden, Senator of Delaware was the funniest--when asked about his "verbosity" and whether he could curb it as President, he responded "yes" and left it at that as laughter prevailed.

Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel was pithy, but alas, somewhat overshadowed the better known anti-war activist, Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Sen. Christopher Dodd did not impress much; Gov. Bill Richardson bumbled some answers (about Alberto Gonzales and Castro) and looked uncomfortable.

Overall, we are lucky to have so many choices. And it is thrilling to know one of them (or Al Gore, if he decides to run) will likely be the next President of the United States.

Watch former CIA chief George J. Tenet on 60 Minutes--he has a new book out in which he blasts Vice President Dick Cheney and other Bushites for leading us into Iraq without "serious debate". See Friday's New York Times for more about "At the Center of the Storm".

A storm that roils the nation still. Stay tuned, stay involved. Check out the changes to the site. More about developments soon. Please write erin@erinhartshow.com with your thoughts about the debate, the war and what issues matter most to you. Tell me how you celebrate democracy.

And thanks for being there. Pedro is napping in a ball on the couch, cozy on a chilly Seattle morning. Enjoy your week!

April 20, 2007:

Virginia Tech. Oklahoma City. Columbine. A week of reminders of why we need better mental health care in the United States and less violence EVERYWHERE. Let's not forget Iraq had a tragic week as well.

We must work together to figure out how to "make war no more". On ourselves. On other people. Let's share thoughts on how to make each other, and the world, safe, healthy and free of terror.

Notes of hope in this week? U.S. Senators rediscovered the ability to investigate, asking searing questions of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez who made a mockery of his post and his record by invoking 45 versions of "I don't recall" before lunch.

And spring emerges to remind us visibly that life renews itself and so can we. You will notice changes on the website this week, thanks to Brian (who built this website when he was 13 in the chat room and who continues to give his time and efforts at 19).

I am very grateful for him and for you. You enrich and enliven the debates of our times. Please write to addresses below about the hearings about stem cell research, last week's topic. Please write erin@erinhartshow.com with comments and suggestions for the new show, now in development.

April 12, 2007:

Hello to you, my friend,

This week marks a very important date in the stem cell research debate. Let's help override the almost certain Presidential veto. Bravo to Diana DeGette and the other sponsors of the original House Bill.

Here are the links with the Senate and House votes, email addresses and the web site of Diana DeGette, Congresswoman of Colorado's 1st District.


In recent times, the stem cell debate became very personal in our family. A second close relative was diagnosed with M.S.

Very recently, my treasure of a nephew, Hayden, whom many of you may know from the show, was diagnosed with Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes. My sister sent me this note this morning, I can't think of a better way to celebrate life than fighting for it:

Dear friends,
      Four weeks ago our beloved son was diagnosed with an incurable disease, Diabetes Type 1 (Juvenile Diabetes). He will have to manage this with shots of insulin all the rest of his life. He is fifteen. My husband and I and his older brother would gladly give him pancreas parts if that would help, but it wouldn't.
      Every doctor, every nurse, every health person we have spoken to about the hopes for a cure for this disease has told us of the great promise of stem cell research as a path to a complete cure.
      Every poll that we have seen has shown the vast majority of the American people support broader federal funding and coordination of research efforts for stem cell research. Many brave states, including California and Connecticut have begun their own research programs. A minority of politicians and our president are holding up expanded federal funding and research. My understanding is that their reason has to do with using embryonic stem cells from fetuses that are destined for discarding anyway.
      The majority of the American people, and the majority of the people elected to represent them support stem cell research.
      How many of you know someone, some family, some person like our son, Hayden, that may benefit from this excellent scientific research? Not only Diabetes sufferers, but spinal cord patients, some cancer patients, people afflicted with incurable diseases like Parkinson's, could see a cure, and much sooner than later.
      This is not a Red or Blue issue. It is a science issue that can help millions of people.
      Please take a minute to send an email, or this one, to anyone you know who might ask their Congress person or Senator to fend off the promised veto of the president. Send it to your local council person, ask for your local state representative to send a message via any means possible to our elected officials in Washington to override the veto. We can win this one. We must. Please help. Take two minutes. Make some noise. We can do this. Please.


Copyright 2009 The Erin Hart Show. All rights reserved.